Web Design

Website Design

It’s a big world out there. So how do you get seen?

The Internet is a vast place. The last time we checked there were over a billion websites out there… and probably by the time you have finished reading this sentence, there will be a few hundred more.

Unlike many web design companies out there, we don’t just build websites. We are experienced digital marketers that have worked with a diverse range of businesses, from companies with multi-million pound turnovers to not for profits, we have the passion and know-how to design, build and market your website.

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Creative web design

We think websites should be beautiful.

The Internet is full of crap and we refuse to contribute to that.

We are creative people. We don’t like ugly web design that focuses solely on functionality at the expense of creativity and UX. We like designing beautiful looking websites that work in harmony with your brand/business and that do exactly what your business needs it to do.

If you want a creative design that catches the eye, stirs the heart and engages the user then WeGo can help. So get in touch!

Bespoke website design

There are a variety of ways to create or redesign a website but whatever way you choose, you need to know that it is actually doing what your business needs it to do.

We don’t design generic ‘off the peg’ websites. Your business is unique and needs a unique website that communicates in a variety of ways that actually converts to new business.

We will research your business and the market it operates in to see what are your best options. We’ll then work with you to find a design that captures everything about your business.


Getting a page 1 position on the Search Results Pages means that your business is being seen by people searching for terms related to what it is that your business does.

WeGo provide specialised Search Engine Optimisation services to help your website reach page 1 of the Search Engine rankings.


We build websites using the Wordpress content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

The WordPress CMS is powerful and easy to use and allows businesses to quickly take control of their website content without any costly training.

Responsive Design

The number of people browsing the internet using mobile devices is growing at rapid rate and businesses need to ensure that their websites look as good on mobile phones and tablets as they do on standard desktops.

All our websites are built using responsive designs so that they look good on any device!

Web Analytics

There is a wealth of information that can be derived through website analysis. WeGo can carry out in-depth analysis to give businesses valuable information about how well their website is performing, which can in turn lead to increases in sales and other conversions.


Visual design that works in harmony with User Experience (UX) is a critical aspect of website design at WeGo. We work with talented designers and developers to create websites that look beautiful and that enhance the users journey within the site.

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