Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

If you have invested time and money on some beautiful web design and web development you need to ensure that your new website is now being seen by as many people as possible.
SEO is an important part of how you go about doing that. Through our expertise we can ensure that your website is seen on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

What is SEO?

Having a beautiful website is great but if it’s not being seen by the right people then it’s not achieving its full potential.

SEO is a process where we carry out a variety of strategies to optimise your website in order to help your website reach page 1 of the Search Engine rankings and increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic.

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Why is SEO important to your business?

Getting a page 1 position on the Search Results Pages means that your business is being seen by people searching for terms related to what it is that your business does.

90% of people searching using Google or any of the other search engines only bother looking at the results on page 1. If your website isn’t there it’s effectively missing 90% of the opportunities to create new brand awareness.

WeGo provide specialised Search Engine Optimisation services to help your website reach page 1 of the Search Engine rankings. It’s an ever changing and somewhat complex landscape thanks to regular changes in search engine algorithms, but that’s what makes our job so enjoyable.

SEO unique to your business

Every business is unique in some way and before we carry out any work we try to learn as much about your business as we can.

We carry out extensive research to ensure we understand your full service offering and also what your competition is doing and ranking for.

SEO isn’t flicking a switch or doing some technical jiggery pokery to your website. SEO is all about research, data and some hard graft.

SEO and the cowboys

The Internet is still very much in it’s infancy – so much so that it’s still a bit like the Wild West of old. Every year that goes by search engines like Google are doing their very best to stamp out ‘black hat’ SEO practices in order to improve their users experience.

However there are many SEO ‘experts’ out there who claim they can get your site ranked on Page 1 and they will do this by using shady techniques that that focus only on search engines and not a human audience and that will ultimately get your site penalised.

"The service from WeGo Digital has surpassed expectations. Nothing has been too much trouble for Mark and the team and the outcome has transformed our business. We are impressed, delighted and highly recommend."

Jacky Towells, Director, AT-Autism

"I’m delighted with my new website and online shop. Thank you for your patience and hard work to deliver a site that showcases my photography to its best, is simple to use but also incorporates an online shop. Mark definitely went the extra mile to make sure it not only looks good but functions well too. Thank you!"
Rachel Palmer, Owner, Salti Sea Dog Images

"When we needed a new website for the Pre-school, WeGo worked incredibly patiently with us to achieve a great result. Not only did they design it for us but also made great suggestions to maximise our SEO and make it really user friendly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."
Ali Upton - Chair, Shaldon Preschool

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